Scooter Rack

Category: Accessories

Scooter Rack for practically every sized Scooter on the market today...

The Scooter Rack is our FULL sized Mobility Scooter Carrier. As far as we know, there isn't a Mobility Scooter in Australia today that won't fit onto it. All Racks have the left hand ramp (unloading on the footpath side) which is a legal requirement in all states of Australia. 

The Scooter Rack weighs 44kg but we have a number of accessories available that make fitting it easier than ever and can normally be handled by 1 person.The carrying deck measures 150cm long and 82cm wide. The ramp is 150cm long to make it easy to load and unload the Scooter.

 Of course, your vehicle may NOT be able to carry that much weight so always ensure that you check with your local tow bar specialist to ensure that your tow bar / hitch assembly fitting meets all the regulations.



Scooter Rack Specification   

Load Capacity          200kg 

Length of Carrier      150 cm    

Width of carrier        82cm  

Length of Ramp        150cm   

Width of Ramp         82cm     

Total Weight             44kg 


Wheelchair Rack Specification

Load Capacity            200kg

Length of Carrier       120 cm

Width of carrier          72cm

Length of Ramp         150cm

Width of Ramp           82cm

Total Weight              36kg


  • All steel with powder black coating
  • Double weld for extra strength
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Left hand ramp
  • Pop Up lights when carrier not in use
  • Warranty 3 Years Manufacturers Guarantee on Framework!